Mechanical Design
At EnTech Engineering Services Corporation, the concept/design developments are carried out using the latest cutting edge
3D solid modeling software such as Pro/Engineer and Solid Works.  See
example 3D design models.

Tooling & Fixture Design
EnTech Engineering Services Corporation utilizes Pro/Engineer, a 3D solid modeling software, coupled with manufacturing
vendor partners who are staffed with skilled tool and die makers and precision machinists to offer customers the
Tooling and
Fixture design solutions for both plastic and metal parts.

Design Analysis
During the process of design development, EnTech Engineering Services Corporation provides necessary design analysis,
such as tolerance stack up analysis and FEA for structural and thermal simulations. At EnTech Engineering Services
Corporation the in-process mechanical design analyses are carried out using analytical tools such as PATRAN, ABAQUS,
Pro/Mechanica, and Cosmos/M.  See
example FEA models & analysis results.

Prototypes are often required prior to manufacture of the final product when exceptional product quality is required to meet
exceptional design intent and strict design specifications.  Prototypes can be used for design validation tests or for
visualization purpose.  

When requested, EnTech Engineering Services Corporation offers engineering support services for design and manufacture
of prototypes.  Prototypes may include only a critical portion of the final product or may include the entire design of the final
product.  EnTech Engineering Services Corporation offers engineering support services to insure the prototypes are
manufactured properly for the intended effects while minimizing the cost.  

prototype examples.

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